Introduction to a Healer’s Path


greenchakra Why have some people taken the path to become healers? Oftentimes it is the wounded person who finds themselves becoming the healer they needed in their lives. Sometimes a charismatic person comes into their lives and they are drawn to studying the healing techniques that person has to offer. A healer might realize that they have been receiving training in the healing arts in their dreams for years before they found a teacher in waking time. In the conversations that follow we will discover the various paths and methods that a healer uses to alleviate the stresses of society. Healers working with an individual or using their therapeutic abilities to heal cultures and the Earth herself.

Cheyenne MacMasters free clinic

Why did I become a healer? It wasn’t my intention when I signed up to take a Reiki workshop in 1999. My hands were still suffering from the effects of tenosynovism and Renaud’s Syndrome that had weakened them several years before, I thought that perhaps I could help heal myself. Healing anyone else wasn’t even a consideration. In fact, I was a little bored when we practiced hand placements. However, when I received my attunement into the Earth Sky Energy Medicine lineage of Reiki from its founder Ron Gregory, my life changed.


Ron started laughing saying my chakras were so open and ready for the attunement, he could barely find them. The attunement opened up my latent ability to sense congestion in people and situations. If I were to focus on you by either placing my hands upon you or simply with the intent to heal at a distance, my ears would start to feel pressure as if we were ascending a mountain. The pressure will build until released with a pop felt in my ears or at the back of my neck. At times that crack of the neck is so loud others can hear it, but it’s not my body that cleared, it was yours.


My theory is that when our bodies are injured, or we think a bad thought, we clench. It’s a reflexive action that continues to tighten until our natural healing energy can no longer penetrate to the core of the problem. Reiki, and other healing modalities can release the clench and allow the healing energy to wash away the pain.

Luna Lake Cheyenne MacMasters

Realizing that healing can take place by simply unclenching and decongesting years of trauma is a powerful incentive to share the wonder. That excitement led me to helping start a complementary and alternative medicine free clinic. Now anyone could afford to try the benefits of whatever healing technique they wanted to experience. Because it’s not all about me. There is a wealth of healers who are just as excited by the potential of being able to bring people and situations back into a healthy balance. We’ll get to meet some in the conversations with healers that follow.


About Healing Conversations

Cheyenne MacMasters received her Masters certification in the Earth Sky Energy Medicine lineage of Reiki in 2000. Her Reiki practice led to being contracted to provide Reiki at the Incident Command camp of a major wildlands fire, hired as a Reiki therapist to a pro baseball team, and establishing a Reiki department in a children's clinic. She also helped found a complementary and alternative therapies clinic, which she served as president and therapist for many years.

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  1. This is a beautifully clear explanation. We are elemental beings responding to the most subtle stimuli but are often unaware of our own iner power. You are doing great work for yourself and others.

  2. Beautiful blog! Warmest wishes to you as you embark on this loving endeavour. I am happy join and follow your writings. Blessings ~Gina

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